Natural (African) Hair Care Regime with Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil

Date : 22-Aug-19, Hair Care

“People always ask me, ‘You have so much confidence. Where did that come from?’ It came from me...”
- Gabourey Sidibe

Wearing natural hair may or may not be a symbol of pride, but it is undeniably a symbol of accepting yourself the way you are with confidence. Be that as it may, African hair is one of the most fragile types of hair that exists. It requires constant moisturizing and maintenance to stay healthy. Coconut oil is a natural jewel for African hair because it is a highly effective moisturizer that locks in all the moisture in the hair shaft. Building a good hair care regime with coconut oil is the key to healthy hair.

African Hair Regime

The goal is to increase the hair's moisture while decreasing the breakage and damage. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't take an extensive wash day hair care regime. All you need is a simple & effective African hair regime that keeps your hair and scalp free of buildup while keeping it healthy. An essential thumb rule for a natural African hair guide is knowing how to care for your hair.

Here are three basic hair care tips to maintain natural and healthy hair:

  • 1) Adding and retaining moisture
  • 2) Practising good styling techniques
  • 3) Eating the right food

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Incorporating a healthy lifestyle is yet another key factor to naturally beautiful hair. Drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy diet, reducing stress, limiting the amount of heat to your hair, and washing it regularly (once a week only since washing your hair every day would make it dry and unhealthy) are all simple steps that should be inculcated in your natural hair guide.

The first step towards your natural hair journey is to maintain a journal and begin documenting everything that you do to or with your hair. This habit will help you understand over a period of time what works and what doesn’t work for your hair. It's not only important to know the methods for your natural hair regimen but it's also important to reassess your methods.

Coconut Oil can be used an effective hair conditioner. It works wonders for dry or damaged hair and is a great alternative to other chemical products available. Whether it is using coconut oil as a pre-poo or coating your hair with the conditioner to seal in the moisture, it will help keep your hair strong, shiny and healthy.

Why do you need to choose a coconut oil with natural ingredients?

African hair is usually dry and dull due to its powerlessness to hold moisture. Coconut oil in its natural, unrefined state has a high moisture-retaining capacity that penetrates the hair shaft easily while holding the moisture within. It can be used as a sealant that locks the moisture in the strands and thus conditions the hair. Coconut oil due to its molecular structure is without a doubt one of the best moisturizing oil.

Parachute Advansed: Goodness of Natural Ingredients Made of 100% pure coconut oil

With the goodness of 100% pure coconut oil, Parachute Advansed provides your hair with 10x deep nourishment. It contains medium-chain fatty acids that penetrate 90% into hair strands and reverses 50% of internal structural damage. Parachute products across the world are made of Grade 1 coconuts to bring the goodness of nature directly to you. How does one differentiate between coconut oil made from natural ingredients and otherwise? It’s simple.

Here’s a checklist for you to identify your bottle of coconut oil with natural ingredients:

The coconut oil extracted from Grade 1 coconuts will be:

  • 1) White when in solid state
  • 2) Clear as water when in liquid state

Note: Any presence of yellow hue in the oil represents lower quality of coconuts in the oil.

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry about the purity of coconut oil or natural ingredients when you are friends with Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil.

Here are a few do-it-yourself how-to’s with Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil to get you started with an effective and simple African hair care regime:

A. Overnight Hair Conditioning with Parachute Advansed

Dry and unnourished hair a regular hiccup? Worry no more! Parachute Advansed Coconut oil acts as a great overnight conditioner since it restores protein loss leading to breakage and dryness with 4 easy steps:

  • 1) Wash your hair with a gentle natural shampoo
  • 2) Apply sufficient amount of coconut oil
  • 3) Massage from root to hair evenly
  • 4) Keep overnight and wash

Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil goes 10 layers deep and nourishes as well as protects the hair from within. It seeps deep into the hair strands and repairs them while conditioning.

B. Daily Hair Detangling with Parachute Advansed

Tangled hair is yet another daily hassle with African hair. Lightly rub some coconut oil along the length of your hair before combing and flaunt smooth detangled hair, all day long.

Besides working marvels for moisture-retention, detangling your hair or acting as a remedy for split ends, coconut oil possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it an excellent healing agent for minor cuts and bruises. Its anti-inflammatory properties work wonders for soothing the skin. Did you know, you can use coconut oil to make your own lip gloss?

What are you waiting for? Buy your bottle of Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil today!